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Women's Only Weekend is THIS weekend!

South Haven's Women's Only Weekend is THIS coming weekend!  There is a whole schedule of events planned and this Thursday night Olive Cart is hosting the opening reception at our store!  Plan...

Let the Holiday (sale) begin!

We have just updated our website with sale prices on our holiday and Christmas gift sets.  It is definitely not too early to start thinking about Christmas and Holiday gift giving ideas and we...

South Haven Harvest Fest

October 20 to 22 is the South Haven Harvest Fest and our local community has lots of wonderful fall events in store for locals and visitors alike.  Make plans now to take part in this fantastic...

Exciting New "Get to Know Me" Sale

We have just come up with an exciting new four feature oils and blasamics in our "Get to Know Me" featured items.  To help you get started cooking with them, these four are on sale and can be...

New "Get to Know Me" oils and balsamics

Our customers love our "Get to Know Me" special offers on our oils and balsamics as it encourages them to try new ones they haven't tried before.  We just changed our offerings in this special...

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